Mother's Day Unique Gifts

Project Description:

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Wondering what to do for mother’s day…..? Consider this: Each year, you dream up something wonderful for Mother’s Day, and bestow that upon your mate, your sister, your mother, or that friend of yours who has two puppies she calls her “kids.”  And each year, you are collecting photos and videos of these cherished days – those special moments when we all stop and give back to the one who has spent years trying to do right by us.

So here is a great and wonderful gift that will keep right on giving: Collect those photos, those videos from your cell phones and old VHS or mini DV cameras, and give us a call. If you are in our local free delivery area, we will ride out to you and begin the process of making a permanent record on DVD of those moments. Even if you only collect a few years’ worth, we will sit down together, create a timeline for the new video on DVD or BluRay, and you can even choose “the music of your life” as a sound bed. We can add captions for a small fee, and deliver to you a moving, stunning, visually compelling story ~ a moving record of all of those special Mother’s Days!

If you have lots of photos, we will use our high-quality scanner and bring them into the modern digital world, and at the same time, create a digital album that unfolds those memories just the way you desire. It is our pleasure!

Here’s to my mom, who passed away last year. With lots of love and aspirations to do you proud.